Mosquito nets

We have various solutions with regard to mosquito nets, which can opt for various installation systems, colors and other options.
Mosquito net kit with Vertical rolling, vertical rolling with double guide, double mosquito net, mosquito net doors, side pleated (doors and windows).


Indoor and outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds

The rulers of the outdoor blinds are made of aluminum profiled blades 42, 45, 50, 55 and 75mm useful space of the blade and injected therein with an average of polyurethane (75 to 95 kg / m3) and high density (180 210 kg / m3). This serves to ensure greater dimensional stability, reinforcing its thermal and acoustic features, as well as physical strength and durability of the blade itself. Apart from the rulers made of profiled aluminum there is also the possibility of choosing the rulers in exturdido interlocking aluminum, which is a more secure solution, ideal for those who want to avoid the placement of grids.

Advantages and specifications:

- Because of its curved shape, these profiles allow seamless integration with the aesthetics of the building.
- Thanks to its characteristics and coupling techniques and perfection of the blades, these allow a perfect dimming and adjustable light entry.
- Lightweight, safe and easy maintenance combined with a nice decorative framework may combine several types of shades in the same blind and having available in all RAL colors.
- The aluminum blades are tested and certified BVQI Spain
- Two types of polyurethane density (normal and high density) to a wider range of solutions our polyurethane comes from the prestigious Bayer brand.
- Lacquering with special anti-corrosion treatment.
- Energy saving hindering the power output of the indoor climate.
- Various handling options for manual tape, rope, hoist, crank or spring or motorized systems with or without remote control and the possibility of all home automation systems.

Indoor blinds

The interiors blinds systems are usually divided into the following categories: Rolling blinds, Venetians and Japanese Panel

Rolling blinds

Offering a wide and varied range of tissue types divided into collections translucent, opaque and Saigon, each for the type of situation and different needs. These allow us to intimacy inside, as well as a perfect view of the outside, being a good solution for decorative projects for your home. The possibility of being moved manually or by a motor, this makes an additional option selected from the interior blinds.

Venetians blinds
This solution allows a control and protection of solar lighting. They consist of aluminum sheets available in 15 and 25 mm thicknesses and are a perfect addition for decoration scoring with its modern style all kinds of domestic spaces or work. Besides the decorative aspect, its main functions to regulate the entry and light intensity are very effective giving privacy and serenity that we want to maintain these environments. They have a wide range of color options and textures of the blades.

Blinds - Japonese panels
The panel system characterized by a Japanese aesthetic combination of vertical panels and rails 2, 3, 4 and 5 channels are driven by a manual control system with chains, with a wide and diverse range of tissue types divided into collections protection translucent, opaque and Saigon, each adapted to this situation and the consumer need to define the styles and trends in the areas where it operates.