Automations for swing gates

Are irreversible electromechanical automations for swing gates are ideal for frequent and intense use. Silent and robust, simple installation and connections perfectly adapt to any kind of solution, even complex, for example, sheets held by pillars "out of position" or large.

Automations for slidding gates

The sliding gates require flexible automations, able to control various dimensions, different types of duty and different environmental conditions, always ensuring maximum operational safety, functionality and reliability.

Automations for sectional doors

They are the ideal solution to automate their own garage door. Easy to install, robust and reliable, it is able to move with 1 or 2 gearmotors, the overhead doors with counterweights, the total re-entry, or, articulated, even large dimensions.
In the event of a power failure the automation always lets you perform the manual operation unlocking the gearmotor through an internal lever, or else a custom key out. Moreover, they are optional reference systems available to metallic rigid rod or cord to be connected to this handle on the door.


Automations for folding doors

São automações electromecânicas irreversíveis para portões com batente são ideais para um uso frequente e intenso. Silenciosas e robustas, simples na instalação e nas ligações se adaptam perfeitamente a qualquer tipo de solução, mesmo complexa, como, por exemplo, folhas seguradas por pilares “fora de posição” ou de grandes dimensões.