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Penacaixe started its activity in 2001 and is headquartered in the Penamacor Industrial Zone. We execute all kinds of windows, doors, gates, with a wide range of options, we execute closing balconies, doors, bathtub and partition stows, mosquito nets among other types of work related to aluminum and PVC frames, as well as installation of all kinds of automatisms.

In 2010, our Quality Management System was certified according to NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and validated the CE Marking System for the manufacture of doors and windows.

We currently ensure compliance with NP EN 14351-1 and are certified in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001:2015 with the following scope:

- Production and Installation of Aluminum Frames.

- Installation of PVC Frames

Over the years, we have expanded our target market and carried out work throughout the country and also abroad, with a higher incidence in Spain and France. We have a very experienced, dynamic and quality team.

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They are the ideal solution for those who want to ensure security in their residence or commercial establishment.

Grades lagarta- They are constructed of galvanized steel profiles that can be lacquered in color prtendida by the customer. They have a sliding system for ball bearings allowing a smooth, comfortable operation.

Grades de enrolar-Built in galvanized steel or aluminum profiles that can be lacquered in the desired color by the customer. Lock throws closures for both sides. Side slip is carried out by guides in profile. Working with circular pulleys and hardened steel springs. Winding the top of a tube axis. They may be actuated manually or by an electromechanical device.


This type of doors has been designed by combining extruded aluminum panels with acrylic windows or panes of glass. This combination gives the door a very distinctive reinforcing the image of commercial or industrial buildings.

The glass windows allow natural light to create a pleasant working environment.

Door thickness: 40 mm
Height between 500 mm and 610 mm
There is a wide variety of colors available in the catalog or else the customer can choose and show the color he want.

They are characterized by their durability and low maintenance cost.
Constructed in galvanized profiles, pre-painted white or green outside, which allows the direct application of a topcoat. Ability to be fully lacquered in the desired color by the customer. It may be actuated manually or by an electromechanical device.

In Railing systems exists multiple decorative and functional combinations to your house allied with the strength and durability of aluminum. Here you can see some of the models that we sell or otherwise contact us to be able to choose in our catalogs the solution that suits you and fits your project.